Our Story

Fenrir Woodworks is a family company. Like our name, our wood products and our values represent strength and integrity that endure the test of time. Our goal is to work together with you to help you unchain your dreams.   

I’m Nate Reeves and I get the privilege of working with my beautiful and talented wife, Victoria, and our sweet little daughter, Avarella, who is the real boss of the operation.  We get to spend time together doing what we love, with the people we love, and our dream is to share, from one family to another, our love and passion for woodworking with you.  

We create quality, affordable items, because who doesn’t love a value, so that you can have elegant furniture and decorations that are useful in your home as well as timeless keepsakes to pass down.  We love to watch our ideas grow into useful items that we enjoy and we believe you would like your dreams to take shape too.  So, while you can choose from things we already have, fun ideas that we appreciate, we are even more happy to customize your woodworking dreams for you.