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Fenrir Woodworks

Laser Cut Travel Wooden Checker Board

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Travel Checker Boards for Road Trips & More!

Introducing our latest addition: Fenrir Woodworks Inset Travel Checker Boards! Perfect for road trips or cabin getaways, these checker board games are a versatile and cherished gift for all ages and occasions.

Crafted from Baltic birch and adorned with Indian dye, our wooden checker boards boast a durable and vibrant finish. Designed with inset features, they ensure your checker pieces stay in place, even on bumpy roads. With our checker boards, the game travels with you wherever you go.

Ideal for early childhood education, STEM learning, and preschool activities, these game table checkers provide hours of entertainment and cognitive development.

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Item size: 12” X 12”

Features & Benefits:

  • Introducing our versatile Fenrir Woodworks Inset Travel Checker Boards, perfect for road trips or cabin getaways
  • Cherished gift for all ages and occasions, ideal for early childhood education and STEM learning
  • Crafted from Baltic birch and dyed with Indian dye for a durable, vibrant finish
  • Designed with inset features to keep checker pieces secure, even on bumpy roads
  • Enjoy the game anywhere, anytime with our portable wooden checker boards
  • Enhance cognitive development and provide hours of entertainment with these gametable checkers
  • Available for bulk orders or wholesale inquiries