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Fenrir Woodworks

Color and Number Puzzle

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Number Puzzle for Early Childhood Education!

Introducing the captivating Fenrir Woodworks Colored Number Puzzle – an educational toy designed to engage young minds aged 2 to 5. Crafted to enhance number and color recognition, this wooden puzzle fosters hand-eye coordination and cultivates early learning through interactive play.

As one of our unique puzzles, this number puzzle is meticulously crafted with premium materials. We prioritize safety and sustainability, utilizing non-toxic chalk paint and sealing the pieces with a natural beeswax finish. Parents can confidently entrust their children with our eco-friendly number puzzle games.

Make learning an adventure with our custom puzzle – it’s an ideal birthday gift or addition to preschool activities and Montessori-inspired environments.
Order yours today and get your little ones learning in no time!

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Features & Benefits:

  • Engage young minds aged 2 to 5 with our captivating Colored Number Puzzle, an educational toy designed to enhance number and color recognition
  • Foster hand-eye coordination and early learning through interactive play with this wooden puzzle
  • Meticulously crafted with premium materials, prioritizing safety and sustainability
  • Utilize non-toxic chalk paint and a natural beeswax finish, ensuring eco-friendly play
  • Trustworthy for parents, our unique number puzzle promotes safe and enjoyable learning experiences
  • Elevate early childhood education with our custom puzzle, perfect for birthday gifts and preschool activities
  • Inspire exploration and discovery in Montessori-inspired environments with our engaging puzzle games